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Spring Forward

We stepped in to April with a Spring in our step (sorry!). As new life begins all around us in the spirit of spring we look at the new partnerships we have forged that have began to come to place during these past few weeks following meeting after meeting after meeting get my drift!

We're delighted to be able to soon announce Chef's of TV fame who will be creating a delicious menu for our guests, to be announced imminently. We'd like to thank Tom Brown for the introduction to Sauce PR who have come onboard to help us spread the word. We'd also like to wish Tom all the best with his fabulous new restaurant in Hackney Wick, Cornerstone.

We have also partnered with long time friend and screenwriter Bobby Lee Darby who is Co-Writing the script with us. We've had some fantastic sessions and we have some great material so far; finishing our first full draft end of March. We're look set to begin casting in the imminently and begin rehearsals end of April.

Design My Night are managing our ticketing. We love their approach to events and passion in providing high quality entertainment so we aim to do them proud too with our show. Many great events on Design my Night so we're in good company there.

We also had a chance encounter with Greg Heap who manages the Seven Sins Lounge in Digbeth, Birmingham. A chance encounter with Greg whilst Bobby & I were sat in his coffee shop having a writing session. A fantastic venue with great coffee, food and cocktails, when commenting on the decor Greg advised me he had styled it all himself with a focus on up cycling. Having a family of builders I was particularly impressed what he has done with old scaffold boards. After a few of Greg's infamous Peanut Butter Hot chocolates and some of his very tasty cocktails we're now in talks with Greg about putting some of his Seven Sins style on to our Pedley Street Station.

Finally, we are very thankful and privileged to have the wonderfully creative and down right lovely Gemma Pepper to help us spread the word coming on board as our PR manager. Gemma writes a fantastically honest and open blog 'Life with the Peppers' about one of the most loving, caring, creative families I know. Gemma has jumped straight in getting hands on straight away in cleaning up our socials that we hope you all enjoy. I was getting way too carried away with it but I maintain my freezing Jack Nicholson after the beast from the east was a golden touch! Great work Gemma.

Amidst all of this great news, The venue has thawed out, has been cleaned up and is looking incredible already with nothing in it! Network Rail would be proud. Ed has been busy demolishing, cleaning and painting and has set up his new office! (see pic above right!) It looks absolutely fantastic already and we haven't even got our set in yet!!

Soooo...... barely 6 weeks to go until we open our doors and we have some very exciting news to be posting out in the coming days and weeks so watch this space.

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