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Jewel of the Empire Launch 2019
Funicular Productions

Jewel of the Empire Launch 2019


Great entertainment coupled with outstanding food” 

—  The Enquirer 


Pedley Street Station, London.


The year is 1937, the height of the British Empire, and Britain’s most famous archeologist, Dr. Errol Earhart, has unearthed the world’s most valuable diamond, the Jewel of the Empire, which is being transported to the Von Cleethorpes estate via Pedley Street station’s, Murdér Express. 


Along for the journey are a host of new characters, including the dashing Errol Earhart and the mysterious Saskia Selhikov as well as some familiar faces...


...It’s not long before the diamond is missing, bodies are beginning to pile up and the clock is ticking to catch a killer and recover the Jewel of the Empire. 


We welcome you on board for a brand new murder mystery with a menu designed by Masterchef The Professionals 2018 winner, Laurence Henry. 

But remember, all is not as it seems and everybody is a suspect, even you.

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