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Intrepid Travellers!

Step into the spotlight of intrigue and culinary enchantment as we proudly present 'The Murdér Express', an award-winning immersive theatrical dining experience in London's East End.


This immersive theatrical masterpiece invites you to join a captivating journey where mystery, drama, and gourmet delights converge.

who are we?

Funicular Productions stands at the forefront of immersive excellence in London, where award-winning theatre and dining experiences converge to redefine entertainment. Located in the vibrant landscape of East London, our permanent venue serves as a captivating stage for our unique productions.

Beyond our home, we extend our creative prowess to collaborate with other brands and organisations, tailoring bespoke experiences or adapting existing shows to fit our clients' venues. We transform spaces into immersive realms, crafting experiences that captivate and elevate.

Our foundation is built upon the shoulders of dynamic visionaries, seasoned storytellers, and dedicated creators who have passionately steered our journey since our inception in 2018. Founded by a team with decades of collective experience spanning event production, theatre, hospitality, and talent management, Funicular Productions thrives on collaboration, creativity, and unwavering business acumen – the driving forces behind our continued success in reshaping the landscape of entertainment and hospitality.

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Whether you're seeking to craft a bespoke immersive experience, explore collaboration opportunities, or simply have a question, we're here to connect. Your journey with Funicular Productions begins by reaching out.


Drop us a line, and let's embark on a conversation that sparks creativity and possibilities.

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